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Welcome to the MogStat review of Dark Age of Camelot

Being quite an old game now, I was sceptical on how this would play. A fair amount has changed, new classes tutorial area with newbie help for starting players, pretty straight forward. Graphics surprised me first, the water and shadow effects are still very good with the settings turned up high.

The game is set in a medieval world fantasy world, like lots of others, but this does have some twists, that I will come too. The game boasts, over 20 races and over 40 classes. The game is split into three realms, Albion, Hibernia and Midgard. Each have there own areas and races/classes.

The basic patter of the story, is the three realms are at war, so adventuring in the opposing realm flags your character as attackable (PVP flag). The twist I was getting too is that there are frontier zones/areas that contain castles/keeps. These contain huge towers, siege weapons. Now when you are pvping with other realms, you can truly have some epic battles.
Overall itís a pretty solid game. I have enjoyed my re-visit. - Vasid

Dark Age of Camelot screenshot Game: Dark Age of Camelot
Genre: Fantasy
Developer: Mythic Entertainment
Offer: 14 day Trial
Min CPU: Intel Pentium III family 1400MHz
Min RAM: 384 Mb
Min Graphics: GeForce2 MX 200

Dark Age of Camelot Screenshots

Albion Albion Albion Hibernia
Hibernia Albion Horse Mount Albion Ludlow Hibernia
Midgard Midgard Midgard Midgard
Midgard Midgard Hibernia Night time Hibernia Night time

Dark Age of Camelot gameplay video

Gameplay video with Vasid Tich and Takargi Advanture into Dark Age of Camelot
More vidoes available on the mogstat youtube channel here

Albion Realm With Camelot as the capital city this is Arthurarian high fantasy, Impressive castles, shining armour etc.
Hibernia Realm draws from Celtic folklore lots of greenery large mushrooms very welsh / Irish looking landscape.
The Midgard Realm uses Norse Mythology and architecture with a very evocative teal landscape: the spruce & pine trees surrounding mist covered fjords.